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esotaria in comfortable_cha

The fiber from hell and stitch markers from paradise

First, as promised, pictures of the yarn from hell, now named --

The pictures make it seem much prettier than it really is...although honestly, it is quite pretty. Not a great spinning job, but life goes on.

You can see some spots have more twists per in than others. Those either needed the extra twists to keep the singles from falling apart (as the singles didn't always want to stay spun) or my feeble attempts to "fix" already broken singles (the feeble part evidenced by the knots I have to tie when spinning just didn't solve it). Other spots were me just not paying attention.

But the net result is rather pretty, so I'm (reasonably) content.

Lastly, I tried to resist, but I failed. I can't WAIT to get these adorable stitch markers in the mail. I justify the expense by telling myself I'm supporting independent artists...and I worked 36 hours in the deli last week. >.>