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esotaria in comfortable_cha

While the family's away, the Katie will play

Otherwise known as: COOK! This past week has seen a LOT of Katie cooking, only a little of which I've taken pictures of.

The food without pictures:

Baked Ziti
The original recipe...which I didn't particularly follow. For the sauce, I just dumped an 18 ounce can of chopped tomatos into a skillet with some canola oil and red pepper. For the ziti, I just used a pound of shredded mozarella instead of half shredded, half cubed.

So while I can't honestly say that the result I got is what you'd get actually following the recipe...it was still really damn good. Could have used more tomato sauce, though.

Mango Brown Betty
The original recipe. This was COMPLETE FAILURE, and ALL BECAUSE OF ME.

For one thing, my blender really didn't want to cut up the bread, so I did that mostly by hand, but mostly? I FORGOT TO PUT IN BUTTER BEFORE BAKING. XD;;;;;;;;;;

Yeah. Not one of my prouder moments.

Potato Soup
Yay not following a recipe! I just chopped up several small potatos, boiled them until they were mashable, and then poured in some milk and flour (just a little flour!) until it was the consistency I wanted. I made the mistake of adding a little too much red pepper, though -- what worked great in the ziti was a little strong in the soup. >.> But with salt and cheese -- YUM!!!

Ranch Tofu
One of my absolute favorite dishes before becoming a vegetarian was ranch breaded chicken. Basically, just dunk hunks of chicken in ranch then roll them in crushed corn flakes and bake. DELICIOUS!

So I tried to recreate that with tofu. I mixed the ranch with milk so that it became somewhat sauce-like, then cut up the tofu and let it soak for about 30 minutes. Dunked it in the cornflakes and cooked.

The result wasn't too good, but I still think it's possible. I think I didn't prep the tofu well enough. I cooked it for awhile, but it was still very soft and squishy. It might have helped to have frozen the tofu first, or better drained it. Really not sure -- I don't cook often with tofu. I'm going to try finding other recipes that make tofu crispy -- or at least more the consistency of chicken -- and see what they do.

With pictures!

Strawberry Granita

The original recipe...which I of course, didn't completely follow. I didn't feel like buying basil, so I left that out entirely. But beyond that, I followed it pretty well, and the results were good. I'm not a huge strawberry-flavor fan, but I think my brother is -- I'll have him try some when he gets home.

Pineapple-Raspberry Gelato

The original recipe, which I mostly riffed from. I didn't have any blueberries -- don't like blueberries, really -- but I did have raspberries that were on the verge of overripe. Only one cup, though, so I pulled out my bag of frozen pineapple chunks and poured a cup of that. Two of my favorite fruits in one yummy gelato.

The one problem was that I FAIL at zesting limes, so there are chunks of lime skin in it that I have to pick out. orz Next time, just using the lemon juice.