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Knitting: Damn Knitters

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Ravelympics Handspun Heptathalon: First Three Rounds

LOL I fail at blogging craftiness. So Ravelry is having its own version of the Olympics, and I've been a lousy competitor. (It WOULD start the weekend of Otakon.)

So here are three of the four objects I've knit so far (I'd show the fourth, but Scrapbook is being a bitch and it would violate terms of service for other image providers).

I'll probably never wear this, as I don't wear headbands. Done with handspun from some of the fiber I got at MD Sheep & Wool, the stitch pattern is the same as My So-Called Scarf.

This was actually supposed to be a bowl, but I didn't feel like blocking it, and it was the perfect size to be a hat for Ganbearu.

Just as I predicted, Seatwist -- oh shit, I didn't talk about Seatwist here, did I? Basically, I plied two singles that didn't look good together and they ended up looking interesting-- actually did look pretty nifty knit up. I'm quite pleased with this.

I'll upload pictures of Surprise Buttsex! when I can find a safe place to upload pictures.