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FMA: Winry OMG Love

esotaria in comfortable_cha

fried rice is my new favorite thing

Well, that's a little misleading. I've always loved fried rice, but I've discovered a new appreciation for it. It's so simple and so delicious. ZOMG. I had a lot of leftover rice (well, mix of rice and quinoa, which is ♥) and some leftover veggies from a failed lunch a few days ago -- I steamed the veggies with the rice and discovered that plain old steamed veggies just aren't my friend. The entire thing was too bland.

So I heated up a splash of oil, dumped the rice and veggies in, added a splash of teriyaki (I can't taste it at all, so I don't think it made a difference) and one egg, and in, like, seven minutes, I had DELICIOUSNESS. No soy sauce or teriyaki needed -- it's amazing, straight from the wok.

When I get back to college, I have a feeling fried rice is going to be my best friend. I've always made just enough rice for one meal because it's never kept well for me, but now! Now I can take care of the work for two meals in basically one! Seriously, this fried rice took about as much time to make as Trader Joe's mac and cheese, and only marginally more effort.