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Jul. 12th, 2008

FMA: Winry OMG Love


Tour de Fleece and my newest toy

I was doing so well with the Tour de Fleece, spinning a little every day.

And then Thursday, I was just so exhausted that I plum forgot. And yesterday I remembered, but got distracted by talking to my mom and then collapsed into sleep.

This morning I made sure to do a little spinning before going to work, so I've got today covered. Hopefully I'll keep my game on for the rest of the race, but I dun know.

Making my goal to spin a little every day harder is the fact that I have a new toy:

A Shark Mini Sewing Machine

I saw it in Target a week or two ago for $20.99 -- aka MY PERFECT PRICE. It's tiny and light -- MY PERFECT DORM SIZE. Hell, I can sew on my lapdesk. It only has one stitch, but since I'm an uber-new beginning sewer who probably won't do a shitton of sewing anyway, that actually works well too! And did I mention it was $20.99?

I went home and pondered on it, looking up reviews online. It was a 50/50 split -- half said it was an amazing machine for its price, half said it was a piece of shit. I finally decided that $20.99 was a risk worth taking, especially if I kept my receipt so I could return it if it ended up being a piece of shit, and bought it.


I still need to master its little quirks and all, learn how best to guide fabric in a straight line, keep my stitches even, etc. And it's a little noisy, so I can't watch The West Wing and sew with it. But I haven't had any problems with it so far that haven't been caused by the fact that I've never used a sewing machine before. All the difficulties I've had have been fixed by looking at the directions and fiddling. Well, except the needle threader thing breaking, but that's not even the machine -- that's just that weird little thing that even handsewers use to help thread needles. Those things are always flimsy as hell. Unfortunately, while I don't need one to thread a needle for handsewing, I've discovered that I really DO need one for this machine. So I need to get my hands on another one of those -- and then get a few spares.

But oh man, if my drop spindle is my one true love, then this sewing machine is my new best friend.

Jul. 5th, 2008



For some ungodly reason...

I'm participating in the Tour de Fleece this year (too lazy to look up link -- obsessing over Doctor Who right now).

My challenge? I've been trying to figure out what my challenge would be. I wanted it to be something fun and interesting, like spin and knit a pair of socks or something. But I really don't wear socks often enough to warrant it, and I still spin a little thick anyway.

So I'm sticking with the tried-'n-true spin a little every day. Goodness knows THAT will be hard enough to manage.

Jun. 26th, 2008



Rage! Rage against the...well, everything

I bought the pattern for Guided by Love socks because the profits went to charity and I love anything involving paws.

I do not love these socks. Maybe I will one day, but as of now it's taken me seven tries to get the !$%@#$$#%@#$ Turkish cast on right, getting the toe mostly knit and then realizing I fucked up and having to frog it.


In happier news, I loves my Nutkins.


Jun. 5th, 2008

FMA: Winry OMG Love


Next major gift-giving occassion --

I'm getting myself this.


May. 10th, 2008

Knitting: Damn Knitters


Spinning Woes

You guys remember the love of my life, right?

I broke her.

Wednesday night. She still spins, of course, but I have to glue that part back on or it will always be a risk. As it is now, the metal bit can be popped out.

I'm a horrible spinning mommy. orz


Craptastic pictures of my handspunCollapse )

I'm still on a learning curve. I'm getting better at drafting while spinning, but my joins are WEAK! When winding the yarn onto my niddy noddy, it broke at several points. But I'm learning how to check to make sure they're strong and correct them while I'm still spinning, so that's good.

Another thing I've learned: Merino and camel down are impossible to spin for completely opposite reasons. Merino refuses to draft, and camel down refuses to stay spun. No matter how I spin it, it falls apart.

I'd try blending them together, but the merino I have is dyed and the camel down is undyed. Ah well.

May. 3rd, 2008

FMA: Winry OMG Love



I have found true love!


I want to ramble more about the awesomeness of today, but I'm tired and want to play with my loot. So instead, I'll leave you with pictures.

May. 2nd, 2008



It's finally here

It's been my mantra this entire week. Every time I've gotten pissed off at work, or depressed at home, or frustrated at life, I've said this mantra to myself: "Maryland Sheep & Wool this weekend. Maryland Sheep & Wool this weekend." It's gotten me through a long, hectic week.

And now...it's finally here.

Being somewhat strapped for cash, I need to set a few ground rules for myself. Or, more like a shopping list that I MUST stick to, no deviations.

Things Katie Wants in Order of Priority
1. New drop spindle
3. To play with spinning wheels so when she can afford one, she knows what she wants.
4. An alpaca

NO YARN, KATIE. No matter how pretty it is. THIS IS A SPINNING ADVENTURE.

Now let's see how badly I deviate from this. xD

Apr. 29th, 2008

Knitting: Damn Knitters


I'm going to offend so many people with this

But I'm asking it anyway.

So I'm at my internship, transcribing an interview with a rabbi, and he says this:

The key is sending them to Israel often. Uh a one-time trip to Israel doesn't necessarily uh innoculate them against all things non-Jewish and give them the incentive needed to become completely Jewish. But getting them to Israel many times and then getting them back here involved in Jewish life is crucial to their future Jewish identity.

So of course, the first thing I wonder is: What's the knitting equivalent? What is the knitting Israel?

Apr. 26th, 2008



I want to start a new project

Which is stupid, because I've got three projects in progress and four hibernating. I've got PLENTY of knitting projects. But I reeeeeally want to find a new pattern and start working on something new.


Apr. 25th, 2008



I can't believe I actually did it

Say hello to Katie's podcast!

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